Your First Visit

Your First Visit

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During your first visit, your physiotherapist will ask you questions about how your injury occurred and the limitations the injury is causing. They will examine the injured part of your body and if physiotherapy treatments are required, your physiotherapist will begin right away.

In addition, your physiotherapist will explain what you can expect to happen during your treatments, your role in your recovery and develop a home program to keep you healthy.

Your physiotherapist needs to know the kinds of activities that you do at work and play so that they can:

  • Understand how your injury affects your abilities
  • Advise on when and how you can safely resume a modified program of work or other activity
  • Advise when you can safely return to a complete resumption of your activity at the level you performed at before you were injured
  • Advise you on how to prevent a similar injury from occurring again

What might your physiotherapy treatments include?

Your treatments might include:

  • Exercise: specific exercises to increase mobility and strength. Doing the exercises recommended by your physiotherapist is very important to your recovery
  • Control of pain and inflammation: such as ice, heat, mild electrical stimulation, ultrasound, laser, stretching, and education
  • Manual therapy: a “hands on” approach to improve mobility

Your physiotherapist will explain how many treatments you are likely to need and how often you should come in.

What are your responsibilities during recovery?

Much of your recovery is up to you. Your physiotherapist will show you how to do the exercises that will help you to regain your strength and flexibility. Learning how to do the exercises correctly, then doing them at home as recommended by your physiotherapist are important.

Remain as active as you can during your recovery. That will help to speed your recovery and get you back to your regular function as soon as possible. Your physiotherapist will provide guidance regarding the types of activities that are beneficial.