Private Rates:
$75.00 Initial visit (this includes treatment of a new area or over 4 months since last visit).
$65.00 Subsequent / follow up visits.

MSP Rates:
$45.00 Initial Assessment user fee.
$35.00 Subsequent Visits

ICBC Rates:
$45.00 Initial Visit
$40.00 Subsequent Visit
$65.00 Concussion/Initial Assessment
$55.00 Concussion/Subsequent Visits

Concussion Rates:
$120.00 Concussion Assessment
$90.00 Concussion Treatment Stream 1
$80.00 Concussion Treatment Stream 2

There is no fee for accepted WCB claims. If your claim is denied the private rates will apply.

$35 Cancellation/No show fees. Our office requires 24-hour notice by phone to avoid any charges.


Private Rates:
$95.00 Initial Visit
$80.00 Subsequent Visits

MSP Rates:
$50.00 MSP Initial Visit
$40.00 MSP Subsequent Visits
$60.00 MSP Concussion Initial Visit
$50.00 MSP Concussion Subsequent Visits

Concussion Rates:
$130.00 Initial Visit
$115.00 Subsequent Visits-40 min
$95.00 Subsequent Visits-20 min

$50 Cancellation/No show fee. Our office requires 24 hour notice by phone to avoid any charges.

To book appointment with Dan Bos, email Brianna at brianna@abbyphysio.com or call 604-855-5157.

Doctor’s referral is required for all new patients before booking an Initial appointment with Dan Bos. Please request that your Dr. forward us a copy of the referral by fax at 604-855-5197 specifying your injury. We will then promptly call to confirm your appointment date and time.

Direct Billing: We do not currently direct bill to any Extended Health Providers other than Blue Cross.

Seraina Groeneveld – RMT Rates

From $60 to $65 for 30 min
From $80 to $85 for 45 min
From $105 to $115 for 60 min
From $150 to $160 for 90 min

New rates effective June 1st, 2018